We chose Pete Gray and Executive Homes because my sister had recently built with them and had a great experience. Positive customer feedback and hers in particular was important to us. We talked with some other builders, but ultimately felt that Executive Homes was going to be the best value.

We wanted a very open-concept house and had two major requirements.
First, we wanted to not have stairs near the front door. They were able to incorporate the stairs to one end of the house near the door to the garage. This allows our kids quick access up and down to their bedrooms since we come and go with many activities during the day.

Secondly, we wanted to use the entire width of our lot to preserve as much depth for the backyard as possible. Executive delivered on both of these and we love our layout and large backyard.

Our communication was mainly email with face-to-face meetings through the design phase. Executive Homes was always quick to respond. During the construction phase, we often texted with Pete and Patrick because things move so quickly, and it allowed for a faster form of communication. There was never a time they didn’t promptly respond. I texted Pete one day, not knowing it was his daughter’s wedding day, and he still replied!

My favorite part of our home are all the windows along the great room and kitchen that look out onto the backyard. We see the most beautiful sunrises.

I would definitely recommend Executive Homes for many reasons, but most of all for their integrity. Pete worked with us on any concerns we had, and we truly felt like if something wasn’t right, he would make it so.

Missy Brauer

They were honest, very personable and seemed to really care about our interests and what we wanted.

We had some ideas for our home we brought to them and they sat with us and went through everything we wanted. They were great in helping us design a plan to meet our needs and what we wanted both logistically and financially. We love our porches, our kitchen and the openness to it. My husband would say his favorite thing is the custom bar in the basement.

Everybody was very timely and stayed on schedule. They broke ground on the date they said they would, and it was exactly the six-month build process they said it would be. They worked really hard to make sure we could be in the home in the time frame we wanted.

Everyone we worked with at Executive Homes was very responsive. When we needed to make any changes throughout the build process, they were very upfront and honest about costs and how different things would work and look. They were so accommodating and on top of things. The communication was great, and it was nice to know they were there for us.

Sally Mann

We had an excellent experience with Executive Homes from start to finish. They were effective at putting our vision to paper, most notably when we brought a picture of a beamed cathedral ceiling and asked, ‘Can you do this?’ They made it happen. Executive Homes is small enough that Pete and Patrick Gray took personal interest in our home, but large enough that they were able to keep the project on schedule.

Liz MacDonell

We looked at all three spec homes in the neighborhood and I just fell in love with our home the first time I saw it.

I love our house. I feel like it fit our family’s needs without having to go through the full process and stress of building a home. We had just a few requests for them, including building bunk beds in our sons’ room and changing out some light fixtures, and they really went above and beyond and made our entire process so simple, easy and stress-free. We love the open style. Our home is very family orientated, which is great since we have a young family. It’s perfect for entertaining, not too big, not too small. It’s a very nice, classic contemporary home.

Ruth Lee